All SVAL members may sell prints, small original artworks, and note cards in the main gallery level on a consignment basis. Prints and small originals are displayed in the gallery bins. Note cards are displayed in the card rack near the front desk. 


Artists should familiarize themselves with the guidelines below and meet all stated requirements. We recommend artists visit the gallery and study how other artists' work has been prepared, before preparing your own. The guidelines are much easier to understand with this context.

General Guidelines For All Items

  • Any SVAL member may use the Gallery bins and card rack to display prints, unframed originals, and cards.
  • Use of the bins and card rack will be first come, first serve (as space allows). 
  • Presentation must be professional. 
    • All items will be packaged by the artist in crystal clear (crisp) polypropylene bags that seal. One source for bags is
    • Cards must have an envelope. 
    • Prints and Originals for the bins should be matted, or float-mounted on foam core. 
    • If matted, they must be backed with white mat board or foam core board to protect the artwork. 
  • All merchandise will be inventoried on the web-based platform for sales.  The artist will be responsible for providing the following:
    • Photograph of your print, original artwork, book cover, or card
    • Details of your print, original artwork, book, or card
      • Artist
      • Title
      • Medium (art medium/print/book/card)
      • Edition (#/total if it applies)
      • Size (with and without mat if indicated)
      • Price
  • Once the information has been entered into the system, items will be assigned Red House Inventory Numbers. You will receive a “pdf” label file that you can print with the appropriate information.
  • Labels with this information should be displayed clearly inside the clear bag, on the back of the artwork. Optionally, you may use your preferred labels but the appropriate inventory number and price MUST be on it. 
  • Including artist contact information, like a business card, inside the packet is recommended.
  • SVAL retains a 25% commission on items sold.
  • Notification of sales will occur by email.
  • All risk is assumed by the artist.
  • Discrepancies in inventory cannot be accounted for by the league.
  • Artist assumes all risk for loss of inventory including damage, theft, and wear on packaging.
  • If the maximum number of artwork or size limitation is exceeded, you will be notified to rectify this problem.  If this occurs on more than one occasion, you will be asked to remove your work from the gallery for at least six months.  
  • Artists will receive monthly payment via check or Zelle for any sales, less commission fees.
  • Once the maximum of prints/originals and cards that the bins and rack can reasonably hold is reached in the gallery, a waiting list will be established for Member participation.  We do not have space to store additional prints, originals or cards in the Gallery. 

CARDS - Rack Guidelines

  • A SVAL member may have up to 12 cards in stock, packaged individually or as multi-card packs. The total thickness of all cards and card packs shall not exceed 1.5 inches (the capacity of one single card rack bin). The Red House Gallery does not have sufficient space to store additional cards.  
  • Cards may be reproduction prints or original hand-crafted cards. Card dimensions should not exceed 7 inches in any direction.
  • Cards must be priced at a minimum of $5.00. If an artist has lower priced cards, they should package two or three together and charge appropriately.
  • All cards must be accompanied by envelopes.
  • Follow the labeling requirements under "General Guidelines for All Items"

Original and REPRODUCTION PRINTS - bin guidelines

  • A SVAL member may have a maximum of 8 prints and/or originals for the bins. As many as possible will be on display. The Red House Gallery does not have sufficient space to store additional prints.  
  • Print/Mat dimension should not exceed 24 inches in any direction.
  • Prints may not be priced below $25.
  • “Originals” refers to unframed painted pieces, such as watercolors, that are typically presented with a mat. Drawings, fine art prints such as lithographs and woodcuts, flat mixed media or collage work, small flat fiber pieces, and photographic prints are examples of this category of work. Pastels should be sealed with an optical acrylic sheet to avoid damage through routine handling.
  • Originals should not exceed 24 inches in width and height and ¼” in depth.
  • Originals may not be priced below $50.
  • Follow the labeling requirements under "General Guidelines for All Items"

Books, Calendars and Boxed Cards - guidelines

  • Display shelves below the bins are rented by artists for display and sale of art books, calendars, boxed cards, and handmade books. This space is not open for use by other members.
  • Art books, calendars and boxed card sets must feature artwork by the SVAL member.
  • Items must fit neatly within the artist's marked display space (approximately 14" wide x 15" high x 2" thick).
  • Artist may choose to combine smaller or thinner items, as long as they can be displayed neatly within the artist's space. For example, 2-3 thin books may be stacked (though only the top one will be visible); 2 narrow books or boxes of cards may be displayed side-by-side (total width 13” or less).
  • Items displayed on the shelf may be packaged and labeled for sale, or marked “Display Copy”
  • Additional items available for sale will be neatly stacked below the display item.
    Quantity is limited to whatever will fit neatly in a stack under the the shelf. Do not stack extra stock in the back where it is hard to reach. 
  • Artists are encouraged to package books and calendars in self-sealing clear bags to maintain their new condition.
  • Items may not be priced below $10.
  • Follow the labeling requirements under "General Guidelines for All Items"

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